Spring is all about new beginnings, growth and change. When it comes to your career whether you are looking to stay in the industry you currently are in or thinking of changing fields entirely, I really encourage you to change your thinking and move from fearful to fearless. Susan Jeffers is a psychologist and author […]

READ THIS FIRST  If you are thinking of  making a job change you need to create your own pro/con list of what you like and what you dislike in your current position prior to looking for that next job. Before making life-changing decisions you’ll want to really assess what is good at your current company […]

When adding new staff to your company, it is like shopping for a pair of new shoes. There are unlimited styles, colors, sizes etc. What it all boils down to is that you have to try on several before you find the perfect fit. Just like the perfect shoe, when you need to hire a […]

2015 has been a whirlwind of excitement and there’s no indication it’s going to slow down! As we prepare for Spring, and hope it’s arrival is soon, I wanted to share with you some trends we’re seeing in new open job descriptions. Our new job requests have become more detailed and specific. Recently we’ve noticed […]

Wishing you and your family the best this holiday season            As we find ourselves in this holiday season, we reflect upon feelings of joy and gratitude that we get to work with awesome people like you. Thank you for being a part of our extended family and making 2014 a […]

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude and joy that is best shared with loved ones.  In reflection of our 27 years serving our community as a staffing firm, we’re incredibly grateful for those of you that have allowed us to walk with you on your journey of career change and transition. We want to wish each of you […]

I’m noticing an increase in video interviewing, and to some of you this is a new trend.  For those of you that are pros at this, consider this post a refresher. Hiring managers have discovered that they can save time, interview quicker, and save money by starting the process with video interviews.  If you haven’t […]

I wanted to share with you the February Resume Review in the Chicago Law Bulletin’s  “Legal Employment Weekly.” I along with 4 other staffing/legal professionals critiqued this month’s resume and I thought it would give other legal job seekers a chance to learn some valuable insight as to what makes a great legal resume. You […]

We’re currently interviewing for an Accounting Manager position with a great Law Firm in Chicago. Job Summary: The Accounting Manager is responsible for the cash management of the firm including budgeting, accounts payable/receivable and billing. Accounting Manager is responsible for the management of the employees of the Accounting Department and all of its functions. Some of […]

There are 259 million LinkedIn users and if you’re not one of them your missing out! With all of the dynamic changes we’ve seen in employment the last few years, it has become imperative that you have and properly maintain a LinkedIn account.  This applies to both job seekers and the gainfully employed.  It’s important […]