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It’s very easy to get bogged down in all the bad things happening in our world right now, especially as they relate to healthcare and the economy. Maybe you’re considering a plan to have employees work-from-home to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Maybe you’re thinking about how you are going to move through this time and what is next. 

Consider this: How will you retain top talent and build a strong company culture? When it’s time to staff up, will you have a company culture that attracts the best workers?   

Whether you’re working from home in one of the affected areas or are waiting it out in the office, it’s a good time to think about your company culture. What does it look like now? How do you envision improving your company culture in the future?

Make no mistake. Positive thinking is important. It doesn’t mean we have to bury our heads in the sand and pretend problems don’t exist. Instead, it entails viewing problems as challenges, visualizing the best possible solution, and making a plan of action to reach your desire outcome.  Then, of course, start executing your vision. Without action, nothing will be accomplished.  

Once you start thinking this way, you can build your company culture around positivity and attract other individuals with the can-do attitude you need to get things done in your workplace.

Go a Step Beyond SWOT

Business owners often talk about a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis. This is a good starting point to gain a realistic assessment of what’s possible in your organization.

Once the analysis is complete, look at ways you can bolster those weak spots to better face perceived threats. This may include bringing in new employees that complement your existing talent base with different skills and new perspectives. This will also help you build a more diverse workplace culture, which, in turn, can help you attract workers from a wider talent pool.

Once that’s done, focus not on outside or internal threats, but on your organization’s strengths and opportunities.

What is your company doing right? How can you take that to the next level to become tops in your field?

Embrace Technology to Keep Employees Engaged

Encourage employee innovation and idea-sharing with an open-door policy, brainstorming sessions, and even technology that makes it easier for workers to reach out through chat or other technologies.  

Seamless remote communication will become even more crucial in the days ahead, when the remote workforce may continue to grow. Once employees realize they can work successfully from home and stay engaged in their duties, workplace policies may have to change to accommodate these capabilities. In fact, one way to create a more engaged, forward-thinking workforce focused on positivity could be to give them space and flexibility.   

Create Your Strategy to Attract Top Talent

What steps can you take to attract positive, innovative thinkers to your organization? With so many employees working from home and many public places shut down, people may expect life to move a little slower in the weeks ahead.

Take this time to visualize what your ideal workplace looks like and strategize ways to make that happen. How can you reward innovation? How can you model positive thinking? What makes a prospective candidate want to work at your firm?

JKI Inc. can help you fill your organization with forward-thinking employees who contribute to a positive company culture. Give us a call at 312-346-4292. We’re here and waiting to help.

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