If you are thinking of  making a job change you need to create your own pro/con list of what you like and what you dislike in your current position prior to looking for that next job.

Before making life-changing decisions you’ll want to really assess what is good at your current company and what needs to be improved. Does it make sense to leave now and what is the driving force that is making you want a new position? Consider all of the factors and options before you begin the interview process. Location, Salary, People, Hours, Culture, Flexibility, Benefits to name a few.  Make sure you match your current position with the potential new position. Consider all options before you begin your interview process and know what are your MUSTS?

We would be glad to assist you in making the right job change. Let us know why you want to make a change and what your next position needs to be. We are eager to listen and ready to help. Leave comments as to what is your next step?

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  1. When applying for a new job, it’s critical to be upfront about your desire to change jobs.

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