Whether your eyes are on a “new year, new job,” or you’re interested in ramping up employee recruitment, approach 2020 with positivity

As we jump headfirst into 2020, many of us have ideas about how we want it to look.

Maybe you’re an employee hoping to start the new year with a new job. Or maybe you’re an HR director focused on employee recruitment here in 2020.

At Jean Kripton Inc., we are focused on company growth, increased outreach, and ways to connect more intimately and authentically with our audience. (That’s you!)

We know many of you reading this are interested in a new year, new job. Others plan to help their company grow by onboarding new talent. Our goal at JKI is, and has always been, to connect these two demographics in ways that make sense, to help you both meet your goals of prosperity, security, and happiness.

It may sound strange to talk about happiness as a tenet of jobhunting, but here’s a secret about JKI: We are not like other staffing agencies. We believe that finding a job or hiring an employee is about a lot more than the right resume and a good interview.

We’re going to go ahead and say it. We believe in the power of positive thinking and manifesting your best life through your thoughts and actions.

We believe thoughts become things. When you start to visualize your perfect job or the perfect employee, you put the wheels in motion for the Universe to help you manifest what you want.

It may sound “airy-fairy,” but look at it this way: If you are downbeat, complaining, whining, and never smiling, how enticing do you think you will be to potential employers?

If you foster – or even just participate in, or have fallen victim to — a toxic company culture, how easy will it be to recruit and retain top employees?

A smile and a positive attitude go a long way in fostering a magnetic personality people want to be around… and to work with!

We understand that if you’ve been unemployed for some time, it can be hard to stay upbeat. And, by all means, if you feel you may be suffering from depression, please seek professional help.

But for the vast majority of people, adopting a positive attitude, setting clear goals, and taking small steps toward achieving their goals can work wonders.

Case in point: You’ll be hearing from us here at JKI more often in 2020. Once we set our intentions, events aligned to bring us the right people to help us stay in touch with our jobhunters and clients, building authentic relationships that will help us serve you even better.

We intend to bring back our weekly job listings, and to share jobhunting and employee recruitment tips on our blog each month.

That’s just one example of how it works when we set our intentions with a clear purpose.

How can you apply these strategies and philosophies in your business or career? We’ve distilled it down to five simple steps that will help you take 2020 by storm.

Are you ready?

1. Set Your Long- and Short-Term Goals

Long-term goals represent where you may want to be in three months, six months, a year, and maybe even five years down the line.

These goals may change as situations change. We often realize what we thought we wanted doesn’t fit our life a year or two down the line. But, as the saying goes, “If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?”

Long-term goals give us a roadmap and something to aim for.

Short-term goals are the simple steps we take every day to get us moving toward our long-term goal. You can set daily or weekly goals that represent simple steps to creating the life you want, finding your dream job, or recruiting top talent.

2. Evaluate the Types of Goals: Make Sure They’re Important, Not Urgent

It’s important to take any small step – especially if you feel you’ve been stagnating in your job search or ready to give up finding the perfect employee. But the types of goals you set play a crucial role in your success.

You want to make sure they are important actions that will move the meter toward your goal. Often, we get bogged down in the day to day of answering emails and scheduling meetings, doing what is urgent, that we forget what is important.

If you’re in HR, dealing with employee benefits at the start of the year may be a task that has to get done. It’s non-negotiable. But will it help you find the legal assistant you need? No.

Managing employee benefits would be “urgent,” and certainly, you’ll complete the task. It should be listed in your planner, with the deadline in your calendar. But it is not a good goal if your overall objective is employee recruitment.

Likewise, if you are jobhunting, you undoubtedly have countless tasks, from doctor’s appointments to laundry, that simply have to get done. But these are “urgent,” not important toward your overall goal.

3. Face Your Fears

Setting goals that are important, not urgent, may create a bit of anxiety. You’re probably nervous. Maybe you’re terrified or paralyzed into inaction.

“What happens if I fail?”

“What if I complete the goal and it doesn’t have the intended result?”

As you set your short- and long-term goals, think about what will happen if you don’t achieve them – or worse, don’t even try.

Productivity expert Timothy Ferriss talks about fear setting, which basically means to make yourself afraid NOT to achieve a goal. In a TED Talk, he asks people to consider the “potential costs of inaction.”

That is, what will happen if you stay in the job you hate?

If you don’t hire that new employee?

If you don’t seek help with your jobhunting or employee recruitment activities?

Think about what it will cost you – in time, money, emotional energy… even happiness?

What will it cost the people you care about – or the organization you work for?

What will happen if you let yourself stagnate where you are?

Chances are, the potential cost of inaction is higher than the cost if you try and fail. 

4. Be Present and Positive

You’ve set your goals. They are measurable, achievable, and important. You know the costs if you don’t take action.

Now, it’s time to be present as you set about achieving them. As we get into the daily grind, it’s easy to forget to be present and positive. Sometimes, this means taking a breather and thinking about all you’ve already accomplished.

Maybe it means a break for self-care, in the form of meditation, a cup of tea, or lunch with a beloved friend. Some people find comfort and motivation in positive affirmations, listening to motivational podcasts, or reading something inspirational.

Other times, it means diving headfirst into the steps you need to take to achieve your goals. Set a timer to be focused for 40 minutes and accomplish as much of the goal as you can. You may want to keep going after the 40 minutes or you may want to stop. Either way is okay. You’ve taken that important, simple step.

5. Find a Support System to Help You Follow Through

It’s not easy to stay motivated. We aren’t saying that meditation and positive thinking is a panacea for all your challenges.

It helps to surround yourself with people who will support you in your goals, celebrate your victories, and guide you on your path.

Here at JKI, we specialize in supporting jobhunters and HR directors in their daily challenges. Our positive attitude toward helping you achieve your career and employee recruitment goals can help you in your objectives.

Our unique approach sets us apart, helping to match top talent with thriving organizations so that, in the end, everybody achieves their goals for growth, prosperity, and happiness.

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