Spring is all about new beginnings, growth and change. When it comes to your career whether you are looking to stay in the industry you currently are in or thinking of changing fields entirely, I really encourage you to change your thinking and move from fearful to fearless. Susan Jeffers is a psychologist and author who specialized in self-help books. I like Susan’s thinking and words and I personally have benefited from her teachings. She feels if you are embracing uncertainty, try these two wonderful exercises that can help you learn to re-frame any experience.  The first is the ”I Can Learn From This” exercise. Whenever you have a reaction to something you are going through – whether inconsequential or life- changing – add the words, ”I can learn from this” ‘or, “someone stole my phone…I can learn from this.”

The second exercise is the “This Too Shall Pass” exercise.  Similar to the first one, but add “this too shall pass to everything you say.  Those easy words take something that seems overwhelming and turns it into something that is part of your journey.

Any kind of transition can be difficult, but you can learn a lot by getting clear on what you want to do and where your passion lies.   Remember uncertainty is “creativity in action.”   Get creative and change your thinking. 

Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.  – www.susanjeffers.com

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