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Do you feel unhappy in your job, even though it pays well? Did you finally land what you thought was your dream job, but you’re now second-guessing it? Do you love your co-workers, the easy commute, and the perks—but still dread going to work? You’re not alone. Just like many professionals today, you want more […]

It’s been a challenging spring and summer for job seekers and business owners alike. For the better part of 2020, most hiring has been put on hold as we all struggle to contain the spread of Covid-19 and follow state regulations put in place. As we enter the fall, many businesses have re-opened and students […]

Spring is all about new beginnings, growth and change. When it comes to your career whether you are looking to stay in the industry you currently are in or thinking of changing fields entirely, I really encourage you to change your thinking and move from fearful to fearless. Susan Jeffers is a psychologist and author […]

There are 259 million LinkedIn users and if you’re not one of them your missing out! With all of the dynamic changes we’ve seen in employment the last few years, it has become imperative that you have and properly maintain a LinkedIn account.  This applies to both job seekers and the gainfully employed.  It’s important […]

Because of the work we do at JKI, our days are filled with conversations.  Not only are we privileged to speak with some of the best companies in the greater Chicago area, but we get to know the most talented people here too.    One of the common trends we have noticed this year is that […]

I’ve often been asked over the years “Why do companies want to hire younger employees?” and “Why am I not being considered for the position I’m perfectly qualified for?” Lately I’ve been hearing these questions in greater frequency so I want help provide 5 key areas to overcome this perceived hurdle. More often than I’d […]

It’s no secret that today’s workforce has changed, and there are many people that find themselves facing a job interview for the first time in 10-15 years.  Today’s job seekers face unique challenges and expectations from employers and it is no longer enough to show a long stable work history. Today’s jobs require workers to show […]

Here at Jean Kripton Inc. we are grateful for all of the established relationships that we have and we work to make new connections every day.    Many clients ask, “How do you find your people?”   The short answer is networking; in fact, some of our greatest connections have been made through referrals.   The excitement that […]

With so many changes taking place every day to the professional tools we use, it’s imperative we keep our training up to date.As an affiliate of the nation’s top online training sites,, we’re thrilled to be able to offer you a free 7-Day trial. With over 1,416 courses, and more added each week, will […]