2015 has been a whirlwind of excitement and there’s no indication it’s going to slow down! As we prepare for Spring, and hope it’s arrival is soon, I wanted to share with you some trends we’re seeing in new open job descriptions. Our new job requests have become more detailed and specific. Recently we’ve noticed that hiring managers have begun to focus more on traits and character in addition to specific skills.
Once we get beyond the resume in our talks with hiring managers, we have noticed that many of our clients are focused on 5 major points.

1. Energy: It might seem intuitive, but positive, high energy people can be some of the greatest employees. This can translate into better team work, stronger leadership, more sales, greater customer service, etc.
2. Career Path: Hiring managers are excited to see that a candidate’s resume shows an accomplished trajectory that has led them to this position.
3. Adaptability: This isn’t new, but candidates that clearly display flexibility are deemed more valuable as you never know what changes might be on the horizon for the position they’re seeking.
4. Resume Explanation: It’s imperative that the hiring manager can clearly understand why the candidate left each position.
5. Skills and experience are important, but they can be earned. Understanding the character and personality of a candidate can be invaluable in determining the fit and compatibility with your organization.

As a hands on owner/recruiter that’s seen it all over the past couple of decades, I still love the thrill of helping my clients find that right person to meet their needs

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