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2015 has been a whirlwind of excitement and there’s no indication it’s going to slow down! As we prepare for Spring, and hope it’s arrival is soon, I wanted to share with you some trends we’re seeing in new open job descriptions. Our new job requests have become more detailed and specific. Recently we’ve noticed […]

Without question, July is my absolute favorite month of the year. Maybe it’s the fact that we have fireworks to celebrate our nation’s Independence, or that it falls right in the heart of vacation season.  Most likely though, it’s because July is my birth month and my family will attest that I celebrate all 31 days. […]

It’s no secret that today’s workforce has changed, and there are many people that find themselves facing a job interview for the first time in 10-15 years.  Today’s job seekers face unique challenges and expectations from employers and it is no longer enough to show a long stable work history. Today’s jobs require workers to show […]

Here at Jean Kripton Inc. we are grateful for all of the established relationships that we have and we work to make new connections every day.    Many clients ask, “How do you find your people?”   The short answer is networking; in fact, some of our greatest connections have been made through referrals.   The excitement that […]

Have you ever noticed that some companies seem to have higher turnover rates than others?  It’s true despite the fact that all of them are out to accomplish the same goal: make and retain the best talent.  So is it just “luck of the draw’” or have some companies mastered the art of finding the […]