Without question, July is my absolute favorite month of the year.


Maybe it’s the fact that we have fireworks to celebrate our nation’s Independence, or that it falls right in the heart of vacation season.  Most likely though, it’s because July is my birth month and my family will attest that I celebrate all 31 days.

Another great reason I love  July so much this year is because  we are seeing an uptick in hiring.  It’s a month of reaping the rewards of developing sharp candidates.  It’s our greatest joy to help our job seekers learn and understand their personal strengths and weaknesses, refine their technical skills, and narrow their focus on succeeding in their next career.

At the same time, we thrive on understanding our client’s needs beyond the job description.  Getting to know the intangibles they’re looking for and properly understanding their corporate culture.

It’s an old cliché heard often around our offices, but it’s true that you can’t fit a square peg into a round hole.     It takes a lot of listening to both our clients and candidates to satisfy both of their needs.    Experienced recruiters know the art of matching.

Trends that we are seeing right now that have given our client’s great results is the “flexible work environment.”    Many hiring managers are using workplace flexibility to their advantage by offering some of their positions the option to work from home or remotely some of the time.  Often times this is the competitive advantage you need to land that star candidate.

Another trend gaining much traction lately is character strength testing. Your character strengths are something you’re born with and they mature as you develop in your personal and professional lives.  First you have to know what your strengths are and then you can leverage them in every aspect of your career.   We believe this is so important, we want to provide you a complimentary test to help you discover your own strengths. Simply click here to take the test.   Let me know if you have any questions!

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