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Without question, July is my absolute favorite month of the year. Maybe it’s the fact that we have fireworks to celebrate our nation’s Independence, or that it falls right in the heart of vacation season.  Most likely though, it’s because July is my birth month and my family will attest that I celebrate all 31 days. […]

Because of the work we do at JKI, our days are filled with conversations.  Not only are we privileged to speak with some of the best companies in the greater Chicago area, but we get to know the most talented people here too.    One of the common trends we have noticed this year is that […]

I didn’t expect to hear these questions in today’s market, but clients are asking — “Where are all the candidates?  Why are they not applying for jobs like they did in the past?”  In this new economy, the market has drastically changed right before our eyes.   Candidates are becoming more selective than ever while clients […]