It’s been a challenging spring and summer for job seekers and business owners alike. For the better part of 2020, most hiring has been put on hold as we all struggle to contain the spread of Covid-19 and follow state regulations put in place.

As we enter the fall, many businesses have re-opened and students are going back to school for the first time since March. Now, business owners face a new challenge of managing their remote workforce. They may also find it beneficial to accommodate employees who need flex time or alternate work arrangements to oversee children taking part in distance learning.

Is it time to bolster your workforce to accommodate these changing needs?

Working Behind the Scenes to Serve You Better

Here at JKI, Inc. we haven’t stopped working for you. With the introduction of a new database and strategies for more client outreach, we want to make it easier than ever for you to work with us. In this age of social distancing, it’s our goal to stay better connected with both our clients and our jobseekers.

With the job market changing and people moving from big cities to the suburbs or rural areas with the intention of working remotely, business owners have more opportunities than ever to hire quality talent.

Finding the best candidates no longer depends as much on physical location, but on finding the workers with the skillsets you need. Technology can take care of the rest.

Get the Help You Need Now

Do you need to replace employees who have:

  • Left the workforce because of lack of childcare in these difficult times?
  • Gone from full-time to part-time?
  • Taken sick leave or leave to care for sick family members?

Or maybe there’s good news! You’ve adapted well to this new normal and are ready to scale your business.

Whatever your needs, JKI, Inc. is here to help you with your recruiting and staffing needs, safely and efficiently.

Safe, Effective Virtual Recruiting to Keep Your Workforce Healthy

JKI, Inc. is well-accustomed to operating remotely via phone calls and video conferences. We’re happy to help you implement virtual and remote recruiting strategies and a new, safer, socially distant interview process.

We can help you schedule Zoom calls for qualified candidates to help keep the risk of exposure low. If you’re still working remotely, that’s no problem at all! Video interviews continue to grow in popularity, with 60% of hiring managers and recruiters using video interviews pre-pandemic. It’s likely even more use it today.

What’s more, 57% of candidates said they prefer video interviews. Video interviews tend to be six times faster than in-person interviews, allowing you to find, hire, and onboard talent more efficiently.

Recruit Top Talent Today

Times are changing and it’s a great time to hire employees who are equipped to meet your company’s evolving needs. If you’re still slowly easing back to business as usual, we want you to know we are here when you’re ready.

We’re optimistic about life and business returning to normal for us all in the future. You can stay ahead of the competition by assessing your business needs now and being ready to scale when the time comes.

With our safe remote interview process and virtual office, JKI Inc. hasn’t stopped working for you.

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