Here at Jean Kripton Inc. we are grateful for all of the established relationships Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 3.10.21 PMthat we have and we work to make new connections every day.    Many clients ask, “How do you find your people?”   The short answer is networking; in fact, some of our greatest connections have been made through referrals.   The excitement that comes from introducing the right people to fill the needs of our clients is the passion that fuels our success.

Whether we are placing an attorney or a receptionist, assisting someone who would not have found the opportunity on his or her own, gives us great joy.  I believe that our insight into matching has kept us on the pulses of our clients and candidates for over 25 years.

2013 seems to be a year of new and changing structures and positioning ourselves in a better way.  This holds true for both clients and candidates.

Yes, Clients are hiring and our 2013 job market looks brighter.   Clients want to see candidates that are positive, professional,  ready and skilled.  They don’t seem to want to train and they want to see polished and experienced candidates with good reasons for leaving and a solid stable resume.   In addition, they want to be able to get good references on candidates.   After all, they say there are so many people not working,” why can’t we find a good candidate?”  Well I believe it is because candidates are not prepared.

Candidates: If you have been unemployed for over a year, YOU must be able to present yourself in a positive light.  Remember that 90% of the time a firm is looking for exactly what they put in their job description.  If you apply because you think you can do it or you did it over 7 years ago, this will not work.   Your resume has to be positioned for the job that you are currently seeking.  We are offering workshops on this and you can send us your questions or inquire about the workshops at





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