Because of the work we do at JKI, our days are filled with conversations.  Not only are we privileged to speak with some of the best companies in the greater Chicago area, but we get to know the most talented people here too.    One of the common trends we have noticed this year is that companies and employees alike are experiencing a transition period.

Often time’s transition can be a word that we view negatively, but that’s not how we see it this year.

In the past few years, companies were experiencing transition from a scarcity mindset and now there is a mindset of cautious optimism.    You can tell this by the new orders that we are receiving many of which are for Business Development Managers (law firms all seeking expansion).    Candidates are transitioning from a position of fear and worry into confidence and optimism.  While these observations are exciting, they do present several challenges.

  • Making the wrong hiring decision!   Take advantage of these growth opportunities but make sure that you can make the right hiring decisions.  Job seekers are finding themselves with too many options and not sure of which way to go.   The people I’ve spoken with in recent months are looking for guidance to help them put their best foot forward, identify their strengths and begin a career path that is fulfilling and rewarding for years to come.
  • Not being clear and focused on what is needed!   Do I need a Business Development Manager or  do I need a contract person to assist until we can get the position identified as to  what works best.    We have found that sometimes using a contractor will allow the department to get a real feel for the position and what is needed.
  • Not selling your Company in the right way.  Candidates want to make the right decisions.  They do not want to be without a job and they want to know that the firm that they are going to is stable.   They want to be sure that they are aligning themselves with the right position.

It’s important to avoid viewing a transitional period as an obstacle, but to embrace it as a catalyst for growth.  Review your goals during these times and make informed decisions that move you and your organization forward.

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